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September 27, 2012

How to submit your web site to web directories correctly?

Now when you have read article about submission to web directories and know how it can help your website search engines rankings and promotion, you should know how to submit your web site link correctly and which mistakes to avoid.

As you know, submission to web directories is a great promotion tool that enhances web site link popularity and as result, improve search engines rankings. Each time you suggest your web site link to an online web directory, you get a chance for one-way link to your website added. If you pay for that link whatever the price is, you must be sure that the link will 100% properly work for your website link popularity. There are several rules, which can help you with submission your link to online web directories.

1. Make sure that it is a SEO friendly web directory

Links must be direct, static, and SEO-friendly, i.e. search engine robots will easily find and index your link:

  • View the web page source code by right clicking on the page and selecting "View Source" from the drop-down menu.
  • Look at the page meta tags, namely <robots> and make sure it doesn't contain <nofollow> or <noindex> attributes.
  • Look at the links codes - they must be placed within tag <a></a>, URL in HREF attribute must be pointed directly to a linked website, not redirect from the web directory domain link.
  • Links must not contain <nofollow> attribute.

2. Find the best place for your web site link

  • Browse an online web directory categories and/or subcategories to find the best placement for your link. It's very important because link, placed on a page with text content relevant by theme to the website's theme has more value in eyes of search engines.
  • If your website fits more than one categories or subcategories, select the one which is reached by less clicks from the home page, and/or has less other websites links on the pages - this will give your link larger "piece" of Page Rank

3. Write proper title and description for your link

If the online web directory meets all these requirements you can start composing your link. Each web directory has its own submission rules and guidelines, however all of them have much in common:

  • Do not put only keywords in the link title and description, but write normal informative phrases describing your website topics, services, products, ideas.
  • If the web directory submission rules allow using 2-3 keywords or key phrases in the title and description, do not miss that chance; however try to "mix" the keywords with other normal words.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: each time you submit your web site to a web directory change the link title and description at least slightly! This will make the links look natural (organic) in eyes or search engines, as the web directory owner added your link by himself, without your intention, because your web site is useful and worth to be announced to users. When search engines find hundreds of links with the same anchor text (title) and description, they discount the links value and you waste your money and don't get any good results. Varying title and description of the link use different keywords each time, so finally that will improve your website rankings for ALL its keywords.
  • When you write title and description, think also about human users, not only search engine robots. The link and title must work for your website each time a user sees it, so try to make it taking attention and prompting to click on the link.

As you can see, the rules are quite simple, however this really works! Submission to web directories is a great promotion tool in hands of informed person, so now you are one of them and your website will definitely get excellent results it deserves.

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September 17, 2012

Featured Article:

Submission to web directories as great promotion tool for your web site

What is a web directory? What submission to web directories can give to your website? How to submit website correctly to web directories? Read this article to know answers to these and many other important questions most website owners usually have.

Online web directory is a website that consists of categories and subcategories where other websites listings are posted. Listing consists of linked title, URL, and description. Listings can be free, free with reciprocal, paid, and paid featured.

Free listing is a regular listing, its advantage that you don't have to pay, but it doesn't guarantee permanent placement for your link because the more new links are submitted the lower position your listing gets.

Option of free with reciprocal link listing can be useful in a paid web directory if you don't want to pay but want to add web site. Or some web directory owners offer free with reciprocal link listing as featured listing. Free with reciprocal link listing will remain in web directory until you keep the reciprocal link alive.

Featured paid listing is always placed at the top above other regular listings. It has permanent placement until expiration of payment, which can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Often featured listing gives opportunity to submit deep links, i.e. link to internal pages or subdirectories of your website, that is good for your website promotion. Paid regular listing are offered by web directories that became popular, have good traffic of visitors, got good Google Page Rank, in other words can give many benefits to your website if you add link there.

And now let's talk about benefits submission to online web directory can give your web site. When you add site to online web directory, a link to your web site is placed. Probably, you've heard about Google Page Rank (further PR for short) and link popularity that are important factors of high rankings in search engines. Having your link placed on a web page with good PR is a plus to your link popularity, and the more links your web site has the higher your rankings in search engines. Of course, it's not all about only links to get high rankings, but links help much.

There is one notice - the links must be organic, natural, relevant, and one-way. Some time ago it was enough to become top placed in search engines just exchanging links with other website owners or webmasters. However now Google can recognize such exchange schemes and considering these links not natural, discount them at calculating a website popularity and PR. So reciprocal links work weakly now. One-way natural links are needed. There are many ways to get one way link to your website, and one of them is submission to online web directories.

Remember that not any link is good. To have positive effect on your web site link popularity, the link must be static, direct, without "nofollow" attribut, be placed on a web page with some PR among not more than 25-30 other links, and be surrounded by content somehow related to your website theme. If a web directory you add link to is well optimized for search engines, i.e. allows links getting all benefits from the listings, it's called SEO friendly web directory and it's really worth even paying some modest amount to submit web site to such directory because your link will be found and indexed by search engines in just a couple of days and will add a "plus" to your website link popularity.

There are general and niche web directories. General web directory accepts all websites and niche web directory only website which are related to a specific topic, industry, area, etc.

In the next article you will know some tips and secrets how to make the web directories submission work for your website and how to submit your link correctly.

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