Avoiding Wooden Floor Replacement – Discover How

Avoiding floor replacement by refinishing wooden floors is an option that more homeowners should explore. It is a time, and money saver as well as a health benefit. By refinishing wood floors you can improve the entire appearance of your home while also saving you money by not having to purchase a new floor in the process. A refinishing job on a wooden floor can be completed quickly, easily, and more importantly economically. You can even perform this project yourself without the aid of specialized tools or expensive materials.

The idea of refacing your wooden floor can seem too intimidating if you are unsure about your skills or the type of wood you have available for the project. In order to avoid a messy floor repair project, start out by purchasing the proper tools and materials that are needed to refinish your floor. You should have no problem finding everything you need at a local hardware store or lumberyard. Once you have the basics of the project, you can then purchase quality finishing material to customize your wood floors to your unique tastes and styles. To speed up the process, I highly recommend finding a wood flooring company to help oversee the project and provide advice on how to refinish your floor.

Refinishing wood floors is a matter of sanding the floor smooth, sealing it, and then polishing it. Sanding makes the floor smooth; however, if you do not remove all of the old finish and stains from the wood then you will never get the best result. Once the sanding is finished, you can apply the sealer and wax to make sure your floor is sealed for long-term protection. Once the refinishing is complete you should allow your floor to dry completely. Then you can install your new wood floor and enjoy it for many years to come.

I also recommend avoiding floor replacement in favor of refinishing because refinishing a wooden floor can be much more affordable and simpler than having to replace the entire wood board. By removing only the finish and stains you will significantly reduce the overall cost of the project. Also, you can choose finishes that are designed specifically for your type of wood in order to reduce your costs even more. Another great reason to refinish over replacing is that you can still use your existing wood floor planks in conjunction with your new planks. This is an especially helpful idea if you live in an older home that requires additional steps to install your wooden floor.

When choosing your new planks, remember that your choices should always depend on your budget and personal preferences. I recommend going with a wood stain rather than a clear coat for the first couple layers of your refinishing project. For example, a deep wood stain will stand up better against a variety of stains, while a clear topcoat will chip more easily. Another great idea for refinishing is to go with a slightly darker color. Dark colors tend to stand up better against pine, cedar, and other darker woods that can be used to refinish a floor. This is an especially important tip for people that live in areas that are prone to rotting or have large tree roots.

Refinishing is a great way to save money and increase the value of your home. If you are thinking about replacing your flooring then make sure you do not skimp on this important part of the house. If you choose quality products you will end up with the flooring that is longer lasting, looks better and is more comfortable than ever before. You may also find that avoiding floor replacement by refinishing is the best move you could make for your future.